Monday, January 10, 2011

Rabindranath Tagore's House at Kalimpong

Whenever Rabindranath visited Kalimpong he stayed at Gauripur House. On 25th April 1940 he recited from this house, the poem, "Janmadin" through a telephone, not the ones that we know though, but the older funnier ones. It was broadcast live. He wrote many poems when he was residing in this house. We were fortunate to be able to locate it and spend some time feeling the magic.

Rabindranath Tagore's Gauripur House in Kalimpong

There is a little plaque that the government has put up to let the mountains know of the significance of this crumbling edifice.  I could not not take a picture of me with the plaque!!

If you are trying to find it and even the locals are not able to take you there, ask for Crookety House (pronounced koorkooti by some) where Helena Roerich, a Russian herbalogist and healer came to live with her son Yuri, the Director of the "Uruswati" Himalayan Research Institute in the year 1947 till her death on 5th April 1955. Helena was the wife of the celebrated Nicholas Roerich, the great Russian Artist, Philosopher and writer. Helena wrote a number of books including Agni Yoga.

This building is just a few turns down on the same road.  Enjoy!!

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