Wednesday, February 23, 2011

From Telangana to Gorkhaland

How does popular sentiment get converted into a people's movement and then a political presence in governance?

My son lives in what is now broadly accepted as Telangana, and I was recently walking with him in what is now broadly accepted as Gorkhaland.  He went to school in what we know as Jharkhand, and I can carry on in this vein for a while.

What translates the aspiration to identity by a people to the movements that we are seeing now (and you must check what Hyderabad thinks about this by looking up the 48 hour shutdown called recently) with leaders who have risen through crimes and corruption, often of the most heinous sort.  What gives the right to the highly respectable leaders of TRS or GNLF to lay claim to these aspirations which to them is nothing more than an election issue.  I could not place punctuation correctly, question mark it yourself, please.

Here is a piece I wrote recently.  It is in Bengali, and that is a good thing.  You can click on the image to get a full sized image and then zoom in to read the finer text.  Do leave your comments and let me know what you think.

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