Thursday, May 26, 2011

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Brian Trimboli wrote the beautiful "Things My Son Should Know After I've Died," which I find it very moving.  The power of the lines, "I chose to do something with my life/ that I knew I could fail at./ I spent my whole life walking/ and hid such colorful wings" has moved many I know to reconsider their walking, and choose to spread their wings.

One such person is the one typing this post, Subhorup Dasgupta.  I will not go into his life, work, world, or worldview since he is also my son, and my views would surely be biased.

However, I would invite you to explore his work and his world.  He was recently showcased by the Trillium Gallery, Woodstock, NY, as part of their Word Art initiative.  You can find some of his work online in the writers' pages at the gallery's website.

An Empty Sky Fifty Things to Do When You Turn Fifty: Fifty Experts on the Subject of Turning FiftyEveryday Sacred: A Woman's Journey HomeThe Tiger's Wife: A Novel

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